Guinness® Zero

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ABV: 0%



The Story of: Guinness® Zero ABV

Made with the finest malt, barley and hops, our Zero ABV is Guinness, but not as you know it. Featuring all the characteristics of our iconic draught beer – the ruby-red hue, the legendary creamy head, the rich and complex flavour profile – Guinness Zero ABV is a bold new alcohol-free beer crafted specifically for our Indonesian drinkers.

As a brand with a long legacy of innovation, we’re always seeking out new ways to develop our craft. When the opportunity arose to create a zero-alcohol beer to suit the Indonesian palate, we were quick to seize it. The result is unmistakably Guinness; a beer Made of More™, not less. With none of the alcohol but all of the taste, it boasts the distinctive aroma of roasted barley, followed by deep malty flavours and a smooth, bittersweet finish. It’s Guinness in all ways but one… alcohol free, but no less impactful for it.