Guinness® Nitro IPA

Tasting notes

Aroma: Tangy citrus peel over gentle pine notes

Flavor: A balanced blend of hops and roasted barley with citrus accents

Palate: Smooth, creamy and rich with a pleasant bitter hoppy finish

ABV: 5.8%

Appearance: Clears to a golden, honey color following the signature surge and settle

Bittering Hops: Admiral

Whirlpool Hops: Celia and Topaz

Dry Hopping: Topaz, Challenger and Cascade

The Story of GUINNESS® Nitro IPA

Guinness Nitro IPA is everything you’d want from an English-style IPA balanced with everything you’d expect from Guinness. Using our peerless expertise in nitrogenation, we’ve re-imagined the IPA to create a smoother, creamier texture and a whole new way to enjoy the flavors and aromas of the style.

“Perfectly balanced flavor and aroma, impossibly creamy texture and a long-lasting head of dense bubbles.”

A complex mix of five hop varieties yields a strong body with citrus flavors and pine notes. Berry sweetness arrives. Bitterness lingers.

The hop used in Guinness Nitro IPA


The bittering hop used in Nitro IPA

Fusing over two centuries of brewing heritage with a proud legacy of innovation, our Dublin-brewed Nitro IPA is an inventive brew indeed. A pale ale made with Guinness yeast, it features a unique blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen to balance out the profusion of hop flavors.

“Guinness perfected nitrogenated beer almost 60 years ago, so we believed we could really add something new to the style,” explains Luis Ortega, the brewer behind the beer’s unique recipe.

After pioneering nitrogenation in the 1950s, we then dreamed up the award-winning widget: a groundbreaking device that allowed us to create the same surge and settle effect of draft beer… but in a can. Its this innovation that allows us to bring you an India Pale Ale with the qualities of a classic Guinness pint: perfectly balanced flavor and aroma, impossibly creamy texture and a long-lasting head of dense bubbles. Its IPA but moving forward. Being a brand with a restless soul, it’s a fitting addition to the family.